Malibu West Beach Club


If you are looking for a beach wedding, as close as you can be to the ocean without getting sand in your shoes, the Malibu West Beach Club is your perfect venue. Many people fantasize about a beach wedding, but let’s face it, it can be a little messy and uncomfortable if you are planning a formal wedding. (I love beach weddings in the sand if you are going casual.  However IMO it does not go with gowns, tuxes etc. )

The Malibu West Beach Club, a mid-century modern building that was at one time a real beach club, has the perfect balcony for the actual ceremony overlooking the Pacific, in the middle of Malibu Beach. At this property the sand beach is not wide, so you almost feel as though you are sitting right over the water-it feels that close. My only complaint when I officiate there, I have to look toward the people, 180 degrees from the ocean view, and often some nice waves are breaking.

Right after the ceremony the guests often move inside where there is a large room, perfect for a sit-down reception, all with views of the Pacific. The only limitation here might be the size of the room, limiting you to a medium size wedding.

In summary, for a beach wedding without the mess, look into the Malibu West Beach Club.

Rabbi Donald Kunstadt  surfingventurarabbi


Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara

Traditional, elegant, old California is the feeling of the historic Biltmore in Santa Barbara. First opened in 1927, it is one of the most popular high end venues you can find in SoCal. With its Spanish Colonial architecture located on 22 pristine acres, for many it becomes their dream wedding venue. If you are seeking a glamorous venue, with six distinct wedding spaces across from the Pacific Ocean, it is hard to go wrong at the world class Biltmore in Santa Barbara. Rabbi Donald Kunstadt surfingventurarabbi