Upper Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve (Formerly The Ahmanson Ranch)

A not too well known venue, located right on the border between Los Angeles and Ventura Counties is the scenic Upper Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve.   It is centered around a ranch house, located on the top of a remote hill, between the West San Fernando Valley on the one side and Calabasas on the other. It was formerly known as the Ahmanson Ranch, a name well known in SoCal philanthropy. With its proximity to Los Angeles it was used as a set in many well known movies: from “Gone With the Wind” to “Charge of the Light Brigade.” The setting brings one back to earlier times in Los Angeles with undeveloped mesas, rolling hills, and native oaks, all set in almost 3,000 acres of undeveloped land. The historic restored 1930s ranch house is available for weddings by permit.

Rabbi Donald Kunstadt surfingventurarabbi


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